Monday, October 3, 2011

I agree with Dustin and his pamphlet. I am all for saving paper and space. I do understand Hannah's points and I can see why many people enjoy the physical book but Dustin's argument was more convincing regardless of my opinion previous to reading these pamphlets. Dustin's main point was more straight forward and stated clearly. Hannah began with a lot of statistics but it wasn't very clear what she was arguing. Both pamphlets were good but I have to give it to Dustin. Good job guys!!!!!

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  1. Dustin's pamphlet is well-argued. But his argument rests on the assertion that digital publishing is greener. Are we so certain digital readers are great for the environment though? Books are at the very least biodegradable, and composed of a renewable resource. With the constant tech upgrades which rule the present age, and likely will continue into the future what is going to happen to all the outmoded kindles, Ipads and android tablets? Although the Ipad may be marketed as recyclable in practice they will go traight to landfill I should think. And what of the rare earth metals needed to manufacture smart electronics? There is not an inexhaustible supply of these materials. It is possible print is greener than we've been told.